Paulownia tomentosa
Empress Tree, Foxglove Tree

Paulownia tomentosa leaf

Paulownia tomentosa leavesPaulownia tomentosa treePaulownia tomentosa fruitsPaulownia tomentosa fruit capsulePaulownia tomentosa fruit at branchPaulownia tomentosa bark

Classification Paulownia tomentosa

Height: 15 - 20 m (6 - 65 ft) (49 - 65 ft)

Leaf: opposite, 15 - 20 cm long, up to about 28 cm wide, ovate, leaf surface woolly

Flowers: purple-pink, inside, yellow striped panicles, Apri l-May

Fruit: Fruit capsule

Branches: thick, sparkling with leaf scars

Bark: Brau cracked slightly

Root: Deep-rooting

Habitat: Protected as Sensitive to cold

Soil: sandy to loamy


Note: strong tendency to extreme self-seeded growth happiness of the seedlings (> 2 m in 1st year!)