Norway Maple
Acer platanoides


Canker (Nectria galligena):

Fungi that leads to the breaking off of bark. Affected twigs and branches should be removed and burned. If the trunk is affected, then an expert should be called to remove canker.

Diseases Norway Maple

Crown Gal

Crown Gall disease (Agrobacterium tumefaciens):

Growths caused by bacteria. The tree should be evaluated.

Powdery mildew (Uncinula bicornis):

Grayish white covering that can be wiped off with a finger. Treatment is not necessary. In extreme cases, dispose of the foliage in the fall.
Leaf Spot

Leaf spots (Didymosporina aceris):

First small black spots on the leaves. Later, larger brown spots until the leaves fall off. Treatment is not necessary.

Verticillium - wilt (Verticillium alboatrum):

Tracheomykose (vascular parasite mykosis) are wide spread in soils used for gardening. The fungi enters through the roots and plugs the vessels (brown coloration). This leads to the wilting of the leaves. It is also possible that only parts of the tree are affected. An exact diagnosis should be done by an expert because the symptoms can also be have other causes (root damage, dryness, etc.).

Galls (unknown):

Leaf deformation caused by gall mites. This is not dangerous for the tree.


leaf of Norway Mapleleaf back side of Norway Maplewinged nuts fruit of Norway Mapleterminal bud of Norway Maplebuds of Norway Mapleflowers blossom of Norway Maplebloom of Norway Maplestem - bark norway maole

Classification Norway Maple

Height: 20 -30 m

Leaf: alternate, pointed, 5 - 7 lobed, green

Flowers: April, yellow umbelgrapes, fragrant

Fruit: winged nuts, obtuse-angled in pairs

Branches: light brown, shiny, buds reddish brown

Bark: dark, elongated grooves

Root: shallow to heart-shaped roots

Habitat: sun to half-shade, brown edges on leaves point to a lack of water

Soil: sandy to loamy

ph-value: slightly acidic to basic
Norway Maple

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