Identify Maples

Maple Leaves

Maple Leaf of boxelder
Maple Leaf of field maple
Maple Leaf of norway maple
Maple Leaf of silver maple
Maple Leaf of sycamore maple
incised maple leaf

Maple Buds

Maple Bud of boxelder
Maple Bud of field maple
Maple Bud of norway maple
Maple Bud of silver maple
Maple Bud of sycamore maple
incised maple red bud

Maple Stems Trunks

Maple Stem of boxelder
Maple Stem of field maple
trunk of a norway maple
Maple Stem of silver maple
Maple Stem of sycamore maple
incised maple trunk stem

Maple Fruits

Maple Fruit of field maple
Maple Fruit of norway maple
Maple Fruit of sycamore maple