Grey Poplar
Populus x canescens

Leaf Necrosis

Leaf necrosis

Small black spots that grow together to form larger spots. Not dangerous for the tree.

Diseases Grey Poplar

Leaf Diseases

Other Broadleaf Foliar Diseases (Melampsora larici-populina)

Disease of the shoot ends

Disease of the shoot endsBlack colored leaves, dried out shoot ends.

Aphides (Parathecabiuslysimachiae)

Leaf deformation through attack of aphides. Not dangerous for the tree.
Bark Bligh

Bark bligh

Wound ebullition after bark necrosis through Cryptodiaporthe populea.

Canker (Nectria galligena):

Fungi that leads to the breaking off of bark. Affected twigs and branches should be removed and burned. If the trunk is affected, then an expert should be called to remove canker.


grey poplar leaf frontsidegrey poplar leaf back sideleaves of grey poplarthe bud in autumin summer grey polplabark and ...stem of grey poplar

Classification Grey Poplar

Height: up to 30 m

Leaf: lightly lobed, underside grey-curlish pilose

Flowers: April, male catkins - grey to red, female cathins greenish

Fruit: -

Branches: greenish yellow to lightly grey

Bark: first whitish gray and smooth later barky black

Root: shallow root, extremely long

Habitat: sun - half-shade

Soil: all

ph-value: acidic to basic