Monkey Tail Tree
Araucaria araucana

Images of Monkey Tail Tree, Monkey-Puzzle Tree

needles of Monkey Tail Treebranches of Monkey Tail TreeMale cones of  Monkey Tail TreeMonkey Tail Tree Monkey Tail Tree bark

Classification Monkey Tail Tree, Monkey-Puzzle Tree

Height: 30 up to 40 m (98 - 131 ft)

Needles: hard, scaly

Flowers: female cones spherical, male cone-shaped

Fruit: male cones, dark brown, 8 - 12 cm

Branches: whorls with 3 - 7 branches

Bark: light-brown. light gray with protruding scales

Root: deep roots

Habitat: sunny

Soil: porous soils, not to dry

ph-value: slightly acidic